Group supervision in arts subjects

In this project, we wish to trial, describe and discuss how work with Liz Lerman’s method, “Critical Response System can also function as a form of supervision in drama and theatre teaching”. The project will also investigate how work with “Reflecting teams” affects feedback and the teaching quality of artistic work. 

How can a conscious attitude towards feedback in higher educational theatre productions increase the students’ own potential, and how can the teachers’ methods play a meaningful role in a) the artistic product, b) the students’ academic progress and c) the basis on which the students’ learning is evaluated?

We wish, through the implementation of practical tasks in class, to trial methods with drama/theatre students, make observations, and document these with sounds and images. We will set up interviews in the form of focus interviews, and study - and possibly come to conclusions about – how such seemingly simple methods might promote the students’ learning and artistic creativity. 

There are two of us moving this project forwards: the “classroom teacher” and the “researcher”. The former runs the teaching itself and leads the process. The latter observes and documents these observations with notes and video recordings. Together, we analyse them after the event, and organise and implement focus groups with the class. 

We have a particular focus on the teacher’s role - specialist teacher training in drama/theatre – in which context we initially carry out our trials. It is not a practical study, but the individual students’ own performances within their particular branch of art are the subject of a great deal of work. How is it possible to maintain that double focus: that training must school the students both in practical and didactic aspects?

The project will be documented through academic articles, conference presentations and video films. You can follow the projects here during the course of 2016-2017. 

The project will be implemented during the autumn of 2016 and spring of 2017. This will be a collaboration between PULS and the Department of Visual Arts and Drama at the Faculty of Fine Arts. 

Project employees

Gunnar Horn
Associate Professor, Director of Centre for Teaching and Learning
University of Agder


Marit Wergeland-Yates
Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts
University of Agder

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